Throughout the course of my college career, starting freshman year, I have served as a presenter advisor and Lead Team member for TEDxUGA. Through this organization, I have many UGA faculty, students and alumni learn how to give inspiring and effective TED-style presentations. The opportunity has given me a keen eye for what makes presentations engaging and ideas resonate. It has also furthered my passion for public speaking as a platform for change. I hope that in the future I can use the skills I have developed through this program to impact the world for the better.

The following presenters have specifically coached:

Dr. Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander – Practical Diversity: Taking Inclusion From Theory to Practice

Dr. Sonia Altizer – The Butterfly Effect: Saving the Migratory Monarchs

Dr. Caree Cotwright- Bring Nutrition to Fruition through the Creative Arts

Phillip & Eileen Blume- Trading Selfies for Selflessness

Spencer Hall- Bioinformatics: A way to decipher DNA and cure life’s deadliest diseases

Learn more at TEDxUGA.com.